Can I repost your art? / Can I use your art for something?

Ask me personally. For the love of gosh, that should be, like, the default. e_e Not to sound mean ofc, I’ve just had my art stolen a loooot over the years. Ya kinda get cranky after a while, y'know? Anyways, if I say yes to you reposting, please keep my signature intact, and credit me in the caption/description of the post. If you intend on using my art as an icon or whatever, credit me where you can.

HOWEVER! If the drawing you want to repost/use is a commission and/or an original character of mine, I’m always going to say no. Those are for my (and/or my client's) accounts only. >:T

What do you use to create art?

I use Paint Tool SAI (mostly SAI2 these days!). Definitely recommend it, as it’s a pretty lightweight program, has a lot of neat features, and is WAY cheaper than any Adobe product! :D I’ve been using it since my really early art days, and it continues to be my favorite program. Can’t offer enough praise. … *COUGH* Anyway! I also use an old Wacom Intuos tablet! With drivers that refuse to cooperate. *shakes fist*

How often do you post?

Whenever! :) I used to post twice every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but that’s no longer the case. Now, I’m just kinda chillin’. Not that I don’t give frequent updates, I do have a good chunk of free time after all. XD Just keeping to a schedule really hecked with my brainspace, and turned art into a chore rather than a hobby.

Can you tag (trigger/whatever)?

Probably! I tag most triggering topics as their keywords, rather than adding and tw or cw in the tag (blood would be tagged as “blood”). However, please know that I’m a creature of habit. I forget new information quickly. So… maybe, maybe not. Just blacklist whatever keywords I use ig :// Unless it’s something I post about a lot. Then you’re probably just better off scootin’.

Can I use your designs?

No! :D Whether it’s fandom-related, original, or otherwise, I don’t feel comfortable with anyone using my designs. Unless I personally give you permission. But only then. >:T My creations are very personal to me, you see. .^. (I suppose unless it’s like… my Petscop designs. Don't really care where those go, just so long as credit is provided. Have fun xoxo)

What fandoms do you make content for?

A lot of them! OR WELL ASKDHSAK I used to make content for a lot of fandoms. My interests tend(ed) to flip-flop rather rapidly, but currently I’m really hyperfixated on Klayton Celldweller and his fun stories n' projects. :D So… yeah. Lotsa that. I also make My Little Pony content, though usually nothing too pleasant, as I mostly stick to grimdark.

Sooo… what’s with all the weird gore n’ stuff?

For fun! :D Well that, and idk man, I have a lot of self-destructive tendencies, and it’s safer to express them in artistic mediums rather than, y'know, the alternative. ouo Also sheesh, mind your business. XD

What can/can’t I ask for when requesting art?

You can ask for fanart! That’s about it. Or animals/nature/stuff like that. I will not draw original characters unless commissioned to do so. I also won’t draw Star Wars or historical-related (TURN, Hamilton, etc.) requests. I also won’t draw fanart for bad content creators or media. I also just .-. won't draw for fandoms I don't like. Yep.

Why are your captions (and DeviantART titles) like that? What are they referencing?

If my captions aren’t directly talking about the post in question, it’s very likely that they’re just weird little quotes and sentences I’ve found around the web. :D I usually put one in when I don’t know what else to type. Which happens more often than not, as my brain is basically mashed potato. XD

Do you mind if people kin or identify as your characters?

I MIND!!!! Immensely. Don’t do that. My characters are heavily personal to me, as one would imagine. And before you say, "Oh Ren, you're overreacting, why would anyone identify as one of YOUR characters? Shouldn't you be flattered, anyway?" And to that I say no! I am not flattered! I know at least ONE person identifies as one of my OCs, and it frustrates me to no end. XD AGHHH

Who’s this mechanicalanakal weirdo you’ve stolen so much art from?!

That was me. :3 Was, being the keyword there. MechanicalAnakal’s dead for, like, ever. He was a stupid dumbass and I refuse to support him any longer. >:/ … *cough cough* Due to multiple reasons, I don’t feel comfortable identifying as that username anymore. Bad times, man, bad times.

Sooo, about those Star Wars Rebels AUs…

Ah yes, my dark and foreboding past. I used those AUs to cope with IRL family junk. I could go into further detail, but nah. I'm not gonna talk about my trauma on the interwebs. Long story short: I don’t support those AUs anymore. Rest assured that I have better coping mechanisms now. Well, slightly. XD

What are some of the fonts you use?

For my header, I used Cellout, and it was made by DimaLeon2000. You can find the download link on this page here! It’s based off one of Klayton Celldweller’s logos. For my signature, I switch between the Zurich fonts, usually sticking to Zurich Cn BT. However, I also use a teeny tiny pixel font I forget the name of. Sorry. :( Also, the font used on this website is Verdana. :D

None of my questions show up on this page, what do?

You could do a number of things! You could send me a note on DeviantART, IM me through Instagram, or send an ask though Tumblr.

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