General Information:

  • Discussion can take place over DeviantART, Tumblr, Instagram, or Discord.
  • I have the right to decline any commission that comes my way for any reason, especially if it makes me uncomfortable, or if I otherwise don't believe I can give you a quality product. I'm sorry if that upsets you, but you'd be more upset if you weren't satisfied with your commission.
  • I will wait for your payment before starting work on your commission unless discussed otherwise. I will not give out refunds unless I haven't started working on the commission.
  • I will not work without a digitally drawn reference sheet unless the commission involves character designing.
  • I will send you/the client WIPs over the course of completion. Any edits can be made at this stage for no extra cost. Once the piece is finished, I will not do any edits on it, unless the client intends on paying extra.
  • Additional characters will multiply the total.

    What I can/can't draw:

    ✓ CAN DO, BOSS :D ✓
    Original characters, humanoids, animals/furries, androids/cyborgs/robots, IRL people, blood/gore, light NSFW/suggestive stuff.

    Overly complex designs, not-so-light NSFW, machinery like cars (I'll be sad, you'll be sad), complex backgrounds, hate art (because that's, like, really lame), anything, like, illegal (should go without saying)

    Commission types:

    Includes lineart and some gray color for detail.

    Headshot: $5 USD // Bust: $10 USD // Fullbody: $15 USD

    Flat color
    Includes a flat-color drawing. No shading/lighting. Will include a single-color background, or transparent, per client's request.

    Headshot: $15 USD // Bust: $25 USD // Fullbody: $35 USD

    Full drawing
    Includes a fully colored drawing with shading and lighting effects. Includes a background if client requests one. Note: background complexity and character amount greatly affects total price.

    Headshot: $35 USD // Bust: $50 USD // Fullbody: $70 USD

    Pixel art
    Includes a piece drawn with a pixel brush. Intended for icons, page dolls, and similar. I will not make scenery/background pixel animations.

    Headshot: $10 USD // Bust: $20 USD // Fullbody: $30 USD
    Total price increases by $10 USD per 3 frames.

    Doodle page
    Includes a total of 5 drawings in one canvas.

    $40 USD for 1 flat-color and 4 linearts // $80 for all flat-colors.

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